Euro Glass Commercial Services in Houston, TX

At Euro Glass, we offer a full range of commercial glazing and installation services. From double glazed storefronts to shelves and table tops, we are adept in cutting and carving glass to exact commercial specifications. 

We use manufactured products that are known for their high-quality standards, so we are always ahead of the competition when it comes to fulfilling your specific project.

We understand the elements of functionality, safety, and style. This allows us to create top-grade glass products. When you need to transform your commercial property, simply talk to our glass specialists. 

​​Glass shouldn't be relegated to superficial purposes -- it can be incredibly valuable as a practical material. Whether your commercial enterprise is a retail store, office building, or clinic, glass can play a major role in its architecture.

So, who do you turn to when you need expert installation? Look no further than Euro Glass LLC for all your commercial glass service needs in Houston, TX, and the surrounding area.

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The Essential Benefits of Bulletproof Glass

Whether it's the place you live or where you used to make a living, making sure that the interior is safe is a paramount priority. Even without an obvious external appearance alteration, high as quality bullet-resistant glass can be one of the most understated and yet simultaneously impossible to overestimate safety measures to make for any building.

Best Residential Glass Window Replacement Practices

Plenty of Stafford and Houston homeowners with classically designed houses naturally take a lot of pride in the value of traditional craftsmanship in their residence. The timeless appeal of homes and neighborhoods with an extensive local history of 20 or more years is something that practically all homeowners want to preserve; thankfully, this can be done while also ensuring that the windows of the home are brought up to the modern top degree of quality security grade standards. We provide entirely new builds that seamlessly blend into older home window frames to upgrade security while preserving all aesthetics.

All-Inclusive Full Apartment Services

Though an apartment residence naturally may not have the same volume of sheer mass as a full house, there is still a significant degree of integrally protective glass material to account for keeping the property protected from the elements and entry hazard prevention. This is especially true when it comes to areas in Stafford and Houston, TX, where the windows may face high-density population centers. To cover all the bases, just as you would with a larger home, you can have all of your apartment's windows collectively upgraded with an all-encompassing service package for full unit glass installation.

Best Commercial Glass Window Replacement Practices

If you need replacement glass windows for any property used as a professional place of business in Stafford and Houston with high-ticket equipment, it absolutely pays to invest in quality high enough to ensure the best protective quality possible. Whether it's a business dealing with physical goods or medical services, simply going the extra mile to install high-grade glass can be one of the most practical applications of loss prevention and productivity-conducive measures a business owner can possibly make.


Storefront Glass

Your storefront isn't just a piece of architecture -- it's the first thing potential customers see. If you want to make an excellent first impression, you need the proper layout and materials. Fortunately, Euro Glass LLC can help with our glass storefront designs and expert installations.


While you may think of glass as fragile, the truth is, the right kind can be incredibly tough. When you're installing glass in your storefront, you need the type that will withstand the pressures of use, weather, and time. For example, if high winds hit Houston, TX, you need to know your shop is safe. Fortunately, Euro Glass LLC can help you choose and install secure glass that keeps out the weather and unwanted guests.


An open glass storefront can be incredibly welcoming to customers. An inviting entrance, with the help of eye-catching signs, can help bring new potential customers into your shop. 


Having a storefront made of glass allows you to showcase your wares. With clearly visible new items, you can intrigue passersby enough to bring them in. You can also create a specific aesthetic through decor that reinforces your brand.


Herculite Glass Doors

When designing your office or shop, there are a variety of door options. However, none are quite as inviting or stylish as Herculite doors.

These unique fixtures are favorites of high-end firms and other esteemed companies. If you want to project an image of elegance and professionalism, these are the perfect doors.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Frameless glass doors are aesthetically pleasing and can fit with nearly any kind of decor. Herculite doors are specifically designed to elevate a space's looks and offer an open-concept feeling while providing privacy.


Even though they're made of glass, Herculite doors are incredibly safe and durable. How is this possible? The panes are tempered with chemical or thermal treatments, making them 5 times stronger than regular glass. If the glass does break, it doesn't shatter into jagged pieces but instead clings together in fragments that are safer to clean up.

Herculite doors also fair well outside, as there are no parts that can rust or rot. They're the perfect option for entrances and exits.


Perhaps the best thing about Herculite doors is their customization options. You can install a set to fit any entrance, even those with non-standard dimensions. Additionally, these doors have the option for dual-swing to open backward and forward for your convenience.


Curtain Wall Glass

Did you know curtain walls originated in medieval Europe? Today, you can find them across the globe -- even right here in Houston, TX. While the oldest versions were made of stone, we have the architectural know-how to create gorgeous glass curtain walls that transform buildings while still providing several benefits.


Today, curtain walls fill an essential safety role: firestops. Since glass curtain walls aren't flammable, they can stop a fire from climbing multiple floors. The slower the fire moves, the more time people have to evacuate. Firestops can also limit the physical damage done to the building, thereby saving money on cleaning and restoration.


Curtain walls made of glass let in natural light, which can feel welcoming to customers and staff alike. Studies show that abundant natural light can boost productivity, making it a great way to get more from your employees without pushing them too hard.


Even though they no longer serve as key architectural supports, curtain walls still protect the building's interior from wind and rain.


Screen Shield Glass

Over the past year, screen shields have become the norm across many industries. They can be used in a variety of places:

  • Reception desks
  • Foodservice counters
  • Register counters

While some businesses have chosen plastic shields, glass shields have several advantages.


The primary purpose of screen shields is to provide a barrier between individuals, thereby preventing airborne viruses and bacteria from spreading through coughs or sneezes. At the end of the day, these shields can be easily sanitized, ensuring that everyone stays safe without imposing a significant burden on the business or staff.


Glass screen shields allow your employees to provide excellent customer service because of their clarity. Plastic can get scratched, accumulate grime, and otherwise compromise visibility. When customers can't see clearly the representative they're interacting with, they may feel disconnected and have a negative experience. Glass, on the other hand, retains its clarity.


Screen shields don't just protect your staff -- they also keep customers safe. When clients step into your shop, they know you're willing to invest in their safety. Knowing you care, can give your customers comfort and encourage them to visit again.


Bulletproof / Bullet Resistant Glass

Safety is a top concern, this is why selecting the correct bullet resistant glass is a serious business. We, at Euro Glass, understand the differences between the types of ballistic glass available and can help you make the right decision for the safety of your business and people. For a trusted and reliable company with years of experience, call Euro Glass! 713-885-5549


Mirror Walls

Level up your business by giving the appearance of more space. Consider what effect you want to create for your room, and we’ll make it happen! Whether you own a gym, dance studio, or office center, we can help improve your area with designs that are practical and aesthetically pleasing! Do not hesitate to contact us at 713-885-5549

In addition to strongly practical security-bolstering benefits, well-implement glass structures can be an especially aesthetically valuable installation as well. Mirror walls of file reflected last for any establishment can be one of the best ways to create increase the sense of volume and open-air in the room, lessening the sense of enclosure and providing a more hospitable environment for unencumbered thought and creativity.


RACO Glass Interiors

Sleek and versatile glass door and window framing systems specialized for interior use. Because this framing system is designed to be installed over dry-wall, it gives a bold, contemporary look, while still being thin and lightweight. Call us for more information on RACO Interiors office partitions. 713-885-5549

High-grade RACO interior glass installations can be one of the most practical and aesthetically pleasing installations to have done over drywall. This is a fine choice for striking the right balance between an interior installation with lightweight construction and powerfully eye-catching contemporary appeal. These installations are particularly valuable for their versatility, accommodating both a smart floor division framework with seamless door frame positioning options.


Sliding Glass Doors

By choosing a sliding door for your business, you can save space without sacrificing the layout of your office. You have extensive options in frame and glass colors and material to pick from. For standard and custom made sliding doors, you can trust Euro Glass! Call/text us at 713-885-5549.

When it comes to installing conventional hardwood or metal doors into commercial properties, it can sometimes be tricky to figure out where to make the new opening without compromising the overall layout too much to preserve; with sliding glass door installations, the new insulation can be implemented very agreeably and functionally while guaranteeing full layout preservation.


Glass Shelving Systems

When deciding to replace or install new shelves, we are the finest option in Texas. We can ensure the custom glass shelves for your project are exactly what you expect. Feel free to give us a call or text us a t 713-885-5549.

The Competitive Advantages of Euro Glass Installations

Built upon 20 years of experience and consistently attentive service, Euro Glass offers a full range of commercial glass glazing and installation services of frameless and custom glass. For framed installations such as sliding doors, we also provide generous glass color and custom material options to ensure that you get the right aesthetic you're looking for without sacrificing even an iota of protective quality in the final product.  

If you'd like to learn more about what the best perspective glass installation project might be for your personal or commercial property of choice, feel free to contact us. Call us at 713-804-2681 or continue online. We will be happy to answer any further questions that you may have, and we look forward to helping guarantee the best glass installation you deserve as soon as you're prepared to start.