Herculite Glass Doors in Houston

Frameless glass doors are aesthetically pleasing and can fit with nearly any kind of decor. Herculite doors are specifically designed to elevate a space's looks and offer an open-concept feeling while providing privacy.

Durable herculite systems

Even though they're made of glass, Herculite doors are incredibly safe and durable. How is this possible? The panes are tempered with chemical or thermal treatments, making them 5 times stronger than regular glass. If the glass does break, it doesn't shatter into jagged pieces but instead clings together in fragments that are safer to clean up.

Herculite doors also fair well outside, as there are no parts that can rust or rot. They're the perfect option for entrances and exits.

Customizable glass installations

Perhaps the best thing about Herculite doors is their customization options. You can install a set to fit any entrance, even those with non-standard dimensions. Additionally, these doors have the option for dual-swing to open backward and forward for your convenience.

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