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Our solar screens can be installed on any window, and your home will still get plenty of light, while deflecting the glare of sunlight.
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Eliminate the negative parts of sunlight with Solar Screens

Solar screens are dark screen panels that are installed on any window, and deflect the glare of sunlight so that the sun's glare does not enter.

  • Better than an awning, which is not always effective and takes a lot of maintenance.
  • Better than a tint or film, which could void your window warranty and damage your thermal windows.
  • You'll be able to see out of your window perfectly.
  • Unless you are close to the window, you will not notice that there is a sunscreen installed.
  • Solar screens prevent the fading effect the sun has on your draperies, carpets and woodwork.
  • Save money on your summer air conditioning bill.
  • Solar screens let in beneficial light for plants.

Your home will still get plenty of sunlight, because solar screens do not block sunlight from entering your room. It simply eliminates the negative parts of sunlight, like the glare of the sun on a bright day. Solar screens are especially effective where the sun shines brightly in the morning and afternoon, in the case of windows located on the east and west sides of the house.

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