Screen Shield Glass in Houston

Over the past year, screen shields have become the norm across many industries in Houston. They can be used in a variety of places:

  • Reception desks
  • Foodservice counters
  • Register counters

While some businesses have chosen plastic shields, glass shields have several advantages.


The primary purpose of screen shields is to provide a barrier between individuals, thereby preventing airborne viruses and bacteria from spreading through coughs or sneezes. At the end of the day, these shields can be easily sanitized, ensuring that everyone stays safe without imposing a significant burden on the business or staff.

Clear view

Glass screen shields allow your employees to provide excellent customer service because of their clarity. Plastic can get scratched, accumulate grime, and otherwise compromise visibility. When customers can't see clearly the representative they're interacting with, they may feel disconnected and have a negative experience. Our glass products, on the other hand, retain their clarity.

Comforting shield glass

Screen shields don't just protect your staff - they also keep customers safe. When clients step into your shop, they know you're willing to invest in their safety. Knowing you care, can give your customers comfort and encourage them to visit again.

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